The 007 VOICE Scholarship are born with the desire of helping. It is born from seeing many singers with talent, attitude and jammed outreach in their evolution process like artists because their financial circumstances couldn’t access a musical education, professional vocal and personalized adapted to their needs.

Being aware of this difficulty, the idea of creating this scholarship has been present since the birth of Ana de Lois Voice Studio, although promptly I have supported some people, I hadn’t given the adequate format, this one which I now share with hope and urge of contributing to impulse these people to develop their talent.

I want to make available my experience, resources and knowledge as a professional vocal coach and artist so they have the opportunity of being better trained and prepared in this very difficult journey which music is.


  • 10 months of personalized vocal training / 2 50 minute monthly lessons using the IVA methodology.
  • 10 months of tutoring and artistic counsel
  • A project worth 2.000€


a) Application deadline: 27/09 – 08/10
b) Requirements:

  • Any amateur (with musical objectives and goals) or active professional singer  will be able to apply for a 007 Voice scholarship
  • People between 14 and 30 years old
  • This scholarship is not compatible with people who already have subsidies or help which lets them pay for the expenses without cost.
  • It will be compulsory to attach to the application form a copy of the most recent tax declaration. In case of not having to do the tax declaration, a proper crediting. In case of being underage the parents or tutors must attach theirs.
  • It will be compulsory to send 2 videos singing: one of them a capella and another with music (homemade recording or a live show). The link to these videos will be provided in the application form.
  • Add a professional curriculum as an artist, along with web links and professional social networks if any. This information will be added to the application form

c) Submission of applications through the online link:

d) Selection: the selection process will be done by the professional vocal coaches team certified by the IVA method.
e) Notifications: Ana de Lois Voice Studio will inform by email  the 10th  of October their decision of the winner of the 007 Voice scholarship
f) Obligations of the scholarship winners:

  • Accept in writing the granted scholarship, once reported by Ana de Lois Voice Studio the official granting of the communication
  • If this acceptance is not provided before the indicated date, it shall be understood to be an implicit rejection of the scholarship.
  • Once the 007 Voice scholarship is granted, it can be revised every 3 months, doing a continuous assessment about the commitment, attitude, punctuality, work and effort of learning of the scholarship holder.

g) If there was a lack of  commitment, the scholarship will be denied, been able to be given to another person who previously applied for it inside the deadline.

Laura Shadows

Winner of  Beca Voice 007  2020/21

Tlf: 669 956 019
email: anadelois@gmail.com